At M3 we believe in supporting you to achieve your personal best, whether that be losing 10kg, running a marathon or keeping up with the grandkids. Everybody is different and we provide a unique training environment where you can workout at your own pace in your own time.

Feeling fit, strong & healthy sets the foundation for happiness and success in many other areas of your life. If you feel great physically, generally you feel great mentally. Following a healthy lifestyle reaps endless rewards. Weight control, improved mood, disease & injury prevention, increased energy and improved longevity are just a few.



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  • Screening

    A sound understanding of biomechanics relating to your sports has the greatest implications for sport’s performance, rehabilitation and injury prevention, and sport mastery.

  • Personal Training

    Identifying the body’s physical limitations and weaknesses provides the platform to develop comprehensive and successful strength and conditioning programmes 100% tailored to the individual.

  • Institute of Golf

    The Institute of Golf are a team of golf specific experts working together with a multidisciplinary approach to develop and optimize your golfing performance.