In order to "grow old gracefully" it is important to be well-informed on age-related health conditions, and on how to minimise risks and improve quality of life when and where you can.

Arthritis Clinic

More than half a million New Zealander’s will be affected by arthritis at some time in their life. There is currently no cure for arthritis, but there are effective treatments, physiotherapy can help.

Keeping moving is vital if you have arthritis. Physiotherapists are qualified and skilled in getting you moving around more freely despite your arthritis. Our physiotherapists will work with you to develop an exercise plan that’s right for you, one that will help you get the right balance between activity and rest so you keep active without feeling undue pain.

The M3 Arthritis Clinic provides effective treatment, support and management for those who suffer with this condition. Treatment is designed to reduce pain and improve function, while developing effective self-management strategies.

Physiotherapy can help with:

  • Managing your pain
  • Becoming stronger, fitter and more flexible
  • Staying active and independent
  • Avoiding or delaying the need for surgery

Falls Prevention

As you get older you have a greater risk of falling. Physiotherapy can help by providing exercises that will improve your strength and balance, reducing your chance of having a fall and enabling you to keep active.

Exercise is really important for reducing the risk of falls. Lack of exercise leads to poor muscle tone, decreased strength and loss of bone mass – all of these factors can contribute to falls and the severity of injury after a fall.

Our physiotherapists will look at your risk of falling based on your health, then they’ll help to develop an activity programme just for you. This will include exercises to strengthen your legs and improve your balance.

Research shows group and home-based exercise programmes containing balance and strength exercises can effectively reduce your chance of falling. Specific exercises such as Tai Chi have also been proven effective. Talk to our physiotherapists to find out more.