No Show and Late Cancellations Policy

The staff at M3 Clinic respect your time and we ask for the same courtesy. If you are unable to make your appointment, we respectfully ask that you notify our clinic at least 24 hours in advance by txt email or phone. Failure to cancel an appointment that you do not attend will be considered a missed appointment or no show. Please take an appointment card with you after your initial appointment, we will provide you with a text message of your scheduled appointments the day prior to them as well, so ensure you have given us your mobile number. If you fail to attend or you cancel your appointment within 24 HOURS of the scheduled appointment time, you will be charged a non-attendance fee of $25.00. (You are directly responsible for payment of the no show fee on or before your next appointment. The no show fee cannot be billed to your insurance company or ACC). We reserve the right to discharge you from our service for repeated no shows or late cancellations.


  ACC Private
Assessment / Follow Up - Staff 25 65
Assessment / Follow Up - Senior 30 70
Shock Wave therapy (Intro Package 3x sessions) 210 300
Shock Wave therapy (Single) 70 100
*Existing ACC Claims must be valid


  ACC Private
Clinical Pilates (Single) 30
Clinical Pilates (Duet)
Group Class (Casual)
Group Class (Concession x 5)
Group Class (Concession x 10)


  ACC Private
Podiatry Asssessment 30
Podiatry Follow Up (30min) 30
Podiatry Follow Up (15min) 30
Shock wave therapy (Intro Package - 3x sessions) LOWER LIMB 210
Shock wave therapy (Single) LOWER LIMB 70

Studio Memberships

  ACC Private
Casual Pass
Casual Concession card
6 Week Membership (pre paid)
12 Week Membership (pre paid)
Weekly AP