Sport Rigid (Premium – Fleash) 38mm x 13.7m


USL Sport Premium Rigid is a highly rigid and adhesive zinc oxide strapping tape. Used to support ankles, knees and shoulders during sporting activities.


  • High – quality rayon cloth tape used by physiotherapists and trainers.
  • Designed for the taping of knees, ankles, hands, wrists, and fingers to protect the joints from injury.
  • Pinked edges provide quicker tape application whilst eliminating threading
  • Air permeability allows for evaporation of sweat, maintaining strength and stability.
  • The specifically-formulated zinc oxide tape for the skin has strong adhesive for firm application

Directions for use:  

Thoroughly clean and dry the skin that is free of hair. Apply USL Sport Premium smoothly as wrinkles and bumps may cause skin irritation. Avoid excessive tightness which can hinder circulation. Remove the tape immediately if swelling or numbness occurs.

Size: 38mm x 13.7m