Customised exercise programs designed just for you.

Every program we design is completely unique and is tailored to each individual and can include stretches, mobility exercises, weights/resistance exercises and core stability exercises.

Why choose an exercise program consultation?

  • You are not sure where to start with an exercise program
  • You are looking for an exercise program specifically built to your injury, goals and needs
  • You keep straining yourself following other programs
  • You want a program built around previous injuries which reduces your pain, not increases it
  • You want to achieve a balanced body which moves with ease, efficiency and control
  • You want to improve your overall strength, function, endurance and fitness in a safe way
  • You value learning and want a program which challenges you to improve

Exercise Program Initial Consultation + Program Development

 Includes 2x sessions Initial Assessment and Follow up:

  • ​Discussion of your history
  • Physiotherapy movement and stability assessment
  • Program goal setting and program development
  • Individually tailored exercise program in PDF format including reps, sets, tempo, resistance/loads and images
  • Coaching through all exercises with Physiotherapist


Exercise Program Review Consultation

It is suggested that every individual review their exercise program every 4-6 weeks depending on their specific goals.

Review Consultation includes:

  • Review of program
  • Consultation of progress with program
  • Movement & stability re-assessment
  • Exercise prescription | strength and conditioning program updates/progressions
  • Updated individually tailored exercise program in PDF format
  • Coaching through all NEW exercises with Physiotherapist