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Yoga at The Loft will help create balance throughout your body. The postures are designed to strengthen your body from the inside out, so you won’t just look good, you’ll feel great too.

Yoga Poses reinforce the muscles around your spine, the very centre of your body. Our goal is to create a yoga practice that is applicable and useful in our modern lives, creating positive life change. We endeavour to make yoga fun, dynamic and challenging. Furthermore, by linking yoga principals with a heated room, we gain the advantages of increasing circulation, flexibility and vitality.


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This is a 60 min heated Yoga class to start your day right.  Who needs coffee when you have this awakening practice to start your day alive, refreshed and energised? This class is perfect for those who wish to get things done early and fit a regular yoga practice in their lives.  This is a level 1-2 class and suitable for beginners to advanced students.

Align (heated)

This is a 60 min heated Vinyasa class that will bring the body, soul, and breath into balance.  Students will work through Yoga poses, developing a strong sense of purpose and power in their bodies.  These classes are designed to be an all-around yoga class that allow all levels of students to feel great during and after class.

Align (cool)

This 45 min lunch class is what your body has been longing for to break up your day.  We will work through yoga poses and invigorate the body without the heated environment that the other classes have.  It is an express option for those wanting to include yoga in their day but where free time is limited.  This is a level 1-2 class and suitable to all students.


We all have to start somewhere and that time is now.  Foundation classes will introduce students to the healing, stretching, and strengthening your body has been longing for.  Classes will work through all the basic yoga infrastructure and empower everyone to give yoga a go.  This class is great for beginners or people looking for find a deeper knowledge of yoga.  Foundation is a Level 1 class in a heated room.


This is a heated Yoga class where participants will be given fun, yet challenging yoga sequences that will expand their bodies and their cardiovascular system in ways they didn’t know were possible.  Come prepared for a Yoga workout and leave feeling invigorated.  This class is open to all but it is our most challenging class option; not from the complexity of the poses, but from the continuous movement the class will entail.  Come and see what you are truly capable of achieving.


60 minute warm Yin class where we explore and stretch the deeper connective tissues.  The warmth in the room, coupled with long hold poses, will take your flexibility to new levels. Poses are held from 3-7 minutes and focus on unlocking your fascia in a passive, yet dynamic way.  All levels welcome and this class is a great place for beginners or people looking for a more gentle yoga class to start.


This is a free community-based class that we will run regularly for anyone who wants to come and enjoy yoga on us.  There will be different themes and teachers leading these classes, so it will be exciting to see what each session will entail.  Come with a willing heart, an inquisitive mind, a yoga mat and towel if you can, and just have some fun.  Attendees can bring something to share, with everyone, if they desire to provide Koha.



Prenatal Yoga With Jactina

Prenatal Yoga applies postures, breathing, and meditation to help sooth the challenges of pregnancy, and to prepare expectant mothers for both delivery and postpartum recuperation. Yoga has been shown to help alleviate many of the common complaints that occur during pregnancy such as heartburn, swelling, back pain and sciatica- while also bringing a deep awareness and a sense of joy at experiencing the natural changes that occur during these 9 months.

Whether you are coming to the yoga mat for the first time or looking to modify your current practice for your pregnancy, this is the perfect time to foster mindfulness and deepen your awareness of your body. Our hope is to instill confidence in the innate wisdom of the female anatomy, and to increase peace and ease as you journey through this magical time.

FRIDAY’s 4.45pm – 6.45pm    20/05/16 – 08/07/16

Beginners Yoga 

We have to all start our Yoga practice somewhere and this workshop is a great place to start.  You will work in a small group setting and learn the Yoga architecture. This 6 week course will create confidence and openness in the body and get you on the right path to making Yoga a vital part of your life.


Mums And Bubs(and Dads)

This class will be led by Jacinta and Ivo (her bub).  This class is a great way for new moms to connect, share space and do yoga.  It’s hard finding time to exercise and get out of the house, with a new addition.  This class is perfect, as you will include baby in the class and will develop deeper connections with baby and other mums.  It will be free flowing class so feel free to relax and embrace yoga with your young one.