Room Hire

M3 Clinic Treatment Room Rental

M3 provide an all in one service for both short and long term rental agreements for registered medical and allied health practitioners.

At M3 you’ll find a welcoming community with the flexibility and resources you need to establish and grow your  practice without any long term contracts or hidden overheads.

Short term Monthly sub-leasing agreement options:


Administration Services

Appointment booking & administration will incur an additional fee. This can include but not limited to:

  • M3 Phone number as first point of contact with messaging service
  • ACC, Insurance, Southern Cross correspondence
  • Basic accounting services—Taking payments
  • General Faxing, Scanning and patient correspondence

Software & Computer Services

M3 Uses Gensolve Practice Manager, with inbuilt  Healthlink, ACC Batching, insurance and basic accounting capabilities. Individual practitioners can be set up within this system linking to their personal Vendor ID using M3 Clinic Digital Certificate so billing and payments can remain separate and practitioners can be independent.

Prices Available on Request*

To find out more or enquire about long term rental options contact our managing director Alyse Morgan