CoreFIT has been Whangarei’s leading Group Fitness and Personal Training Studio for women since 2009.  This is not a bootcamp, nor a short stopover for fast results.  CoreFIT is about committing to regular workouts and remaining consistant and diciplined with both your trainings and nutrition.  CoreFIT's workouts are designed to motivate and inspire women to reach their fitness potential in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Our group fitness classes are predominantly strength based and resistance focussed, with an emphasis on functional movements.  Each class finishes with a 10-minute core exercise routine and full body stretches.

All Group Fitness classes are carefully choreographed and designed to meet the needs of women of all fitness levels.  Women who are pregnant, or have a new baby or are suffering with any injuries can be rest assured that they are in capable hands as workouts can be designed to meet everyone’s needs.




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