80% of the population experience back pain at some stage of their life. The M3 Spinal Clinic provides comprehensive assessment and appropriate management for spinal disorders.

Spinal Clinic

Back pain is a common complaint of modern society and can often trouble those who work at a desk sitting down all day. Back pain can range from the odd ‘niggle’ to intense pain resulting in immobility. Short term back pain is very common and eight out of ten New Zealanders will deal with back pain at some stage in their lives.

Common causes of lower back pain
  • Poor posture- especially sitting
  • Lifting or carrying heavy loads
  • Increased frequency of bending
  • Sports injuries
  • Pregnancy
  • Repetitive strain

Our physiotherapists have a multifaceted approach, integrating a range of manual therapy concepts in the assessment and treatment of spinal pain. They will determine the cause of your pain and then provide you with a comprehensive programme for recovery. One of the key aims of management is education on preventing recurrence and teaching you how to cope if you experience any future problems.

During the assessment or treatment process any of the following approaches may be applied:
  • Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie Method)
  • Manipulative therapy: Joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques
  • Strength and motor control retraining
  • Exercise prescription: Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Workstation assessments
  • Safer lifting techniques
  • Education on how to prevent further back problems, returning to work or sport
  • Referring you to other appropriate health providers
Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (The McKenzie Method)

M3 has a Credentialled McKenzie practitioner – Brent Morgan

The McKenzie Method is utilised for the management of spinal disorders, placing emphasis on education, promoting self treatment and management strategies, and minimising the chance of recurrence.