Acute Sports Clinic

There is never a great time for an injury. But we do know that most sports injuries occur over the weekend. That’s why at M3 Physio, we have established an Acute Sports Injury Clinic at our clinics on a Monday with our Clinical Director Brent Morgan 4-6pm.

Why Use an Acute Sports Injury Clinic?

Your Acute Sports Injury Assessment Consultation allows us to provide you with:

  • Quick and accurate diagnosis and prognosis from a Sports Physiotherapist. Your consultation only requires 15 minutes of your time.
  • Early acute sports injury care, professional advice and education. What to do this week?
  • Fast referral for X-rays, ultrasound to confirm your diagnosis.
    Prompt referral to Sports Physicians, GPs or Surgeons with whom we work if required.
  • Immediate supply of walking boots, braces and rental crutches if needed.
    Low-cost professional service.
  • The acute sports injury consultation fee is lower than a normal assessment and treatment consultation.
  • In most cases, your ACC will cover most of your acute sports injury assessment consultation fee with a $20 Surcharge.


PHONE 094388207 or Email to Book. Online Booking Not available.