From amateur to professional athletes, our physiotherapists employ a comprehensive range of skills, experience and technology to ensure the highest possible likelihood for fast and complete recovery, and a return to sport.

Sport rehabilitation

Returning to sport as soon as possible is what it is all about! Our physiotherapists provide quaility prevention and rehabilitation for sports injury, ensuring optimum recovery and results.

Our physiotherapists utilise video analysis software revealing commonly missed conditions and detecting irregular movement patterns and weaknesses. These tools all aid in the development of customised rehabilitation programmes.

We also liaise with a variety of practitioners in our network of specialists, including New Zealand’s top Sports Medicine doctors in Auckland and here in Whangarei. We work together to assist active people (of any level) in having a safe and sustainable return to sport or physical activity.

See our performance page for specialist services including;

  • Muscle Balance Assessment
  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Functional Movement Screening (FMS)