The Pilates Method is a low impact form of body conditioning suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. Pilates focus is on activating strength of the ‘core’ muscles that support the spine and balancing the muscles of the body to create better posture, flexibility and whole body movement. It is a series of precise and controlled movements that engages the mind and body to work together to improve self-awareness and well-being.

M3 Pilates offers the very best in Pilates training in Whangarei.  We provide expert Mat Pilates instruction in Private, Duet and Class settings.Our highly qualified instructors are passionate about creating effective workouts that are both fun and challenging for clients at any level. All classes and sessions at Balanced Pilates are designed to increase strength and flexibility as well as improve posture and balance.


Private Sessions are taken one-on-one with our  Physio-Pilates instructor. These sessions offer the most individual attention to your specific needs.Duet Session are designed for two clients with one Physio-Pilates instructor. You and a partner will get a personalized session tailored to you both. 


Pain and injury can slow us down and stop us from doing what we love. Our Clinical Pilates Group Classes are led by our Physiotherapist Crystal and allows you to exercise in a safe, effective way and give you the confidence to get back into activity following injury or if your starting your Pilates journey 
Our Small Group Classes accommodate up to 6 clients with one instructor. 

Crystal Monaghan