M3 Podiatry approaches each injury professionally and with the latest research and treatments available to ensure you can be back exercising as soon as possible.

Podiatrists focus on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of diseases, defects and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. This includes ankle and foot injuries, problems with gait or walking, complications related to medical conditions such as diabetes and arthritis and diseases of the skin or nail such as cracked heels, ingrown toenails, neuromas, warts and other fungal conditions.

Podiatry is beneficial to people of all ages and abilities. It is helpful during times of pain, injury and dysfunction however the service can also be well utilised in a prevention space to reduce the risk of injuries from arising in the first place. Our expert knowledge allows us to address a range of complex and chronic injuries, skin conditions and nail conditions effectively.


With us, you can rely on receiving services that include:

  • Detailed Podiatry care plans
  • Podiatric treatment as required using bagged sterile equipment and dressings

  • Ability to treat wounds such as ulcerations

  • Verbal and electronic handover reports so you can get the information you need quickly and accurately

  • All the documentation you need – police checks, podiatry registration, statutory declarations and insurance information – to know you are covered for accreditation

  • Education resources that help your staff learn more about maintaining the foot health of your residents

  • Handy tools like courtesy email reminders to let staff know when we’re next visiting

If you like the sound of having a genuine and experienced podiatrist who is committed to the wellbeing of your residents then get in touch.